In Lafayette’s art studio classroom we are not only learning about the elements, principles and media of the visual arts, but are using the arts to gain a greater understanding, depth and richness of language arts, math, science and social studies curricula. Using the arts to teach, creates learning that is internalized and understood by children with all learning styles and on multiple levels. By educating students through the visual arts and traditional academic content simultaneously, I help inspire and nurture the truly creative thinkers needed for this new millennium.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Arts Integration Celebrates How The Arts Keep Native American Traditions Alive!~

Regalia created to represent our heritage and what's important to us + a processional with flags to represent our class characteristics + a museum of storytelling skins, spirit masks and totems, and lesson-teaching Kachina dolls + Native American songs and dances + legends told through CETA Reader's Theater + lacrosse and archery videos of what we learned in P.E. class + hands on craft activities for the whole family + a museum scavenger hunt + a connection to our social studies curriculum = THE 2012 LAFAYETTE 4TH GRADE POWWOW INFORMANCE held November 2nd! 
Sharing music and dance

Sharing fables and myths

... like the legend of the three sisters.

Sharing our museum crafts with labels to explain their meaning to us

Our regalia represents who we are and our heritage!

Trying the museum scavenger hunt

A beaded necklace created during our craft portion

Enjoying sand painting to heal

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