In Lafayette’s art studio classroom we are not only learning about the elements, principles and media of the visual arts, but are using the arts to gain a greater understanding, depth and richness of language arts, math, science and social studies curricula. Using the arts to teach, creates learning that is internalized and understood by children with all learning styles and on multiple levels. By educating students through the visual arts and traditional academic content simultaneously, I help inspire and nurture the truly creative thinkers needed for this new millennium.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Exploring Architecture Through a Transformed Photo

Grade 3 completed these masterpieces weeks ago! They were so proud of their efforts that I am finally and belatedly sharing them with you here!

Each 3rd grader brought in a photo they had taken or researched as a part of a class project. We used acetate and a sharpie to outline each architectural feature we saw. Finding the details honed our powers of observation and knowledge about the architecture. Color came next as we learned to mix tints, shades, neutrals and low intensity colors by adding a bit of the color's complement.
Then the entire project is flipped and voila! All those observed details reveal themselves underneath our custom colors!


Saturday, March 5, 2016

An Annual 5th Grade Tradition Continues with Gusto!

Once again each and every 5th grader had their hand in sewing this year's flying geese quilt for their 2016 Lafayette class creation! We hand and machine stitched our way through hundreds of tiny triangles and squares to create a contemporary version of an Underground Railroad coded message quilt we titled "Flying North".
Just some of the enthusiastic crew that spent their lunch recesses working on our 2016 masterpiece!
 Even though Ozella McDaniels Williams' story of coded message quilts being used on the Underground Railroad has not been corroborated, we still found the possibility intriguing and visually inspirational!