In Lafayette’s art studio classroom we are not only learning about the elements, principles and media of the visual arts, but are using the arts to gain a greater understanding, depth and richness of language arts, math, science and social studies curricula. Using the arts to teach, creates learning that is internalized and understood by children with all learning styles and on multiple levels. By educating students through the visual arts and traditional academic content simultaneously, I help inspire and nurture the truly creative thinkers needed for this new millennium.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Exploring How Artists Might Have Impacted the Underground Railroad

Inspired by the coded message songs sung and passed through the generations by escaping slaves, and the story told by Ozella McDaniels Williams about the use of quilts as a means to communicate messages on the Underground Railroad, 5th graders created coded message quilt designs.

We first worked on paper and then manipulated a jpeg image in the Mac Pages program to create mathematical translations, reflections (flips) and rotations (with 90 degree angles.) The excitement and visual rhythm created by repeating and changing our images was felt by us all!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Exploring the Magical Art of Printmaking

Third graders excitedly try their hand at bubble prints, shaving cream swirled papers and vegetable prints! 
At the bubble station...Step 1- blow bubbles
Step 2- create your monoprint
Repeat with multiple colors!
Our printmaking guru? Student teacher Ms. Johnson! 
This is just our first step as she prepares us to make collaged accordion books. 

Creating a shaving cream monoprint
Our inspiration artists? Ezra Keats and Eric Carle!